Choo-Choo Trains

Corbin has loved his train table ever since we brought it home. He gets such great use out of it. It has also been a fun thing for Luke and Corbin to do together. Luke comes up with new track configurations and Corbin makes sure it works. Recently, Luke was able to find some new cool buildings, trains and tracks on Craig’s List and we virtually got them for free because we resold the table for the same price. Love it!

I can’t take all the credit for these amazing pictures. Half were taken by Corbin.

My Kids

This week has been hard discipline wise for me, but as the end of the week quickly approaches, I can say I love my kids even on the days they drive me crazy. I love that they have a way of making me laugh and smile as well as give me a good excuse to act like a kid. Today we listened to toddler tunes on TV and when we weren’t dancing around the living room, Benjamin and I chased Corbin around the house. So fun!

Corbin the Artist

I think we all desire for our kids to enjoy their adolescense and Corbin is doing just that. He enjoys painting, playing with Play Doh, building with blocks and Lincoln Logs, playing trains, running around playing pirates, loves his adventures at the Zoo and now that he’s a big brother he enjoys sharing his toys and “b’s” with his little bro.

Having Fun with Salads (Part 4)

My fiesta salad was so yummy, I had to repeat it, except this time I made a few changes like adding leftover pulled pork and substituting Mexican cheese for Parmesan cheese. So good! Ingredients include: romaine lettuce, black beans, corn, salsa, pulled pork, Parmesan cheese and salt and pepper. I’m ready to dig in!

After I made my salad my husband came home and said “is this for me?” and I said “No way! That’s mine.” Of course I wouldn’t be be that cruel, so I made him a salad similar to mine, but added red onion and chicken. He didn’t complain, so I’m guessing it was good.

Benjamin at 4 Months

4 Months ago I held a 7 pound baby boy, today not so much. He’s grown so much since he was born. He’s my cuddle bug, his smiles can melt your heart, he loves to watch the world around him, has a super strong neck and legs and just recently started sitting in his bumbo chair, and in the mornings after he’s done nursing he is super talkative. I just love that time with my boy. He stares into my eyes and coos and babbles like there is no tomorrow. There is also no volume control with him. Ha! He has also started settling into a nap schedule (for the most part). Oh, and he’s also an early riser like his brother except he likes to wake at 6am now (WHAT!?!). Not so fun for mommy, but who can stay mad with a cute face like his and that adorable babble. ((Sigh)) He is such a joy and we love him so much.