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Happy Birthday, Isabella!

Saturday we had three birthdays to attend to. Most people would choose to only attend one or maybe two, but we are crazy and thought we could handle it…or we’d at least try. We live a little dangerously! Ha! Isabella’s party was the last of the three and right before we turned into the parking […]

Bumper Boats

Corbin had such a blast at the San Diego Fair this year. He didn’t just go once, but twice in one week, and each time he wanted to ride all the rides in the kiddie area. He had no fear! He wanted to ride the cars, the whale, the planes, the bumper boats and even […]

Happy Birthday, Paige!

Happy Birthday, Paige! We love you! Can’t believe you turned 7 this year. Your growing so fast! We love your energy, your creativity, your kind heart, the way you are nurturing and your hugs.

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to an amazing husband and father. We love you!

What a Life

Corbin wanted a bath, but settled for a pool party and lunch. How blessed we are to live in San Diego where the weather is 99% sunshine and that Corbin has a mommy who loves to spontaneously surprise her kid. Good times!

Good Times

We are starting our summer off with a bang. Zoo, Legoland, park, nature walks, splash park…oh my!

Corbin at 2 1/2 Years

Corbin is 2 1/2 years old. Amazing! He has given us so much joy and brought much laughter to our home. It feels like he’s been in our family forever. We just love everything about him. He is creative, laughs all the time, loves to be chased, enjoys playing with his puzzles, games and alphabet […]

Zoo in May

Our Zoo passes expired March 30th and we’ve been having withdrawals. Corbin has asked on several occasions to go, but it hasn’t been in the budget…till Friday when Luke surprised me with a new pass. Yeah! I told Corbin and he started walking toward the gate. Ha! I told him we couldn’t go that day […]