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Above Rubies

A friend of mine introduced me to Above Rubies and have found the devotionals to be extremely encouraging and I also subscribed to the free magazine and found the stories to be so touching and motivating. If you are looking to find a site that can uplift and encourage you, you should take a look […]

He Just Gets Cuter

Benjamin is now 6, almost 7 weeks old. He is such a joy! He is also very different than his older brother. Benjamin was born alert and ready to breastfeed, he can get over stimulated fairly easily, he takes a pacifier (yeah!), he doesn’t like being naked, lays on his tummy without crying hysterically after […]

Easter 2010

For the past three years I’ve taken group shots of the cousins at Easter. This year we were able to add Benjamin to the mix. My nieces, Terra (8 1/2), Paige (5- almost 6), Corbin (2 1/2), and Benjamin (2 weeks). How fast they grow! Corbin had fun finding eggs, but soon got over it […]

Brotherly Love

After a month has passed since Benjamin has joined our family, Corbin has started warming up to his little brother and taking on his “big brother” responsibilities. I keep telling him that he is Benjamin’s protector and he needs to take care of his younger brother. Lately, he wants to hold and care for his […]

A bugs life

Corbin has been having so much fun exploring our yard. He loves digging in the dirt, climbing rocks and stuffing small rocks and sticks in holes created by gofers. Now that it’s spring and we’ve received some good rain, Corbin now has a plethora of bug and animal life to discover. So far we’ve found […]

2 1/2 Weeks

These are pictures of Benjamin when he was 2 1/2 weeks old. I’m a week late. Sorry! Benjamin is adjusting well to our crazy home. Mom is working on keeping a smile and positive attitude while juggling two dependent children. Corbin is an adorable yet disobedient child. Luke is back to work with a little […]

Fire Station

Veronica (a friend from church) scheduled a field trip to a fire station in Santee. The timing couldn’t have been better because Luke was on paternity leave. I knew Corbin would love the experience and really didn’t want him to miss out. I think Luke had fun too. Too bad the truck got called away […]