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New Arrival

I think you’ve guested by now that baby did end up coming the same day as my false contractions. Ha! Funny how that happens. I can’t believe we could have had him in the car if we waited much longer. Yikes! Taught me a lesson. The last thing I want is to have a baby […]

38/39 weeks pregnant

I had Luke take some quick photos of me yesterday after I realized I haven’t taken any progression photos since I was 33 weeks. Oops! As you can see I am much bigger around the belly area now that I am days/weeks away from delivering. Still feeling well and actually getting decent sleep…that was until […]

New Bed

Corbin loves his new bed and it shows! It has become his new favorite place to play with his animals, read books, puzzles, hop on his knees, pretend to sleep…it’s all fun!

38 weeks and counting!

My ticker on my blog says I have 12 days left. Wow! That’s less then 2 weeks away. Corbin was 10 days early, so we’ll see what happens this time around. For no real reason I thought yesterday might be the day, but I was wrong. I think it was that fortune cookie that said […]

Farewell to Katie Andrews

Katie Andrews will be missed, but is where she belongs, with our God in heaven. Her service was lovely and was a true testament to who she was as a person. One after another came up to read a scripture, share a story, express their love and gratitude toward this woman they called daughter, sister, […]

Grace Church Baby Shower

These women bless me tremendously! Today they all rallied together to create a beautiful and memorable baby shower to celebrate the birth of my son to be. The best part, other than the fabulous array of food and conversation, was the time of prayer and the sweet devotional Jane put together for me. I love […]

Corbin’s First Bed

Late last night I was doing a random search on Craig’s List when I came across a twin boy bed that I loved. I showed Luke right away and we decided to send an email to inquire. The gal emailed us today saying it was still available and we went to check it out tonight. […]

Carmine Baby Shower

Shandree and I hosted a baby shower for our friend Carmine on Saturday. It turned out great! I can’t take even 50% of the credit because Shandree really did the most. She was amazing! At 37 weeks pregnant I really wasn’t up for any major running around and was so blessed at how she took […]