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Noelle Newborn Pictures

Today I was blessed to take newborn pictures of Noelle Martin. She is such a cutie! I love her button nose. Looking at her reminded me of how soon I will be holding my own little one. 59 days in counting! Yeah! To view more go click on: Noelle


I only had one plan yesterday and that was to go to a baby shower at 2:30pm. How was I to know it was for me? Ha! Yep, I was fooled! Kimberly, Kathleen & Joy collaborated back in December at Corbin’s 2nd birthday party and decided it would be fun to throw me a surprise […]

Nature Walk

Papa, Luke and Corbin took an hour walk down in the canyon behind the house to check out the waterfall and creek. Usually it’s all dried up, but after all the rain we’ve had this past week, there is plenty of water flowing through the boulders and creek. Corbin kept referring to all the mud […]

Corbin Learns to Count

We have been working on our numbers with Corbin and this particular day we were driving back from church and he started counting randomly on his own. Luke and I were both surprised and tried to get it on camera right away, but unfortunately he stopped by the time Luke had his phone ready and […]

Baby Registry

For those who are interested, we are currently registered at Babies R Us via Babies”R”Us – Baby Registry. As well as

A Break in the Rain

What do you do when there is a break in the rain? Play outside! Corbin stomped around the yard in his one size too big rain boots and extra warm coat. He had a great time walking around and exploring before the next rain. The best part of our outing was when he saw that […]

Girls Night

All moms need a night out with their friends. Not saying we don’t miss our kids or our husbands, but we need a break from time to time. Adult conversation is a plus even though most of the time we end up talking about our kids. We can’t help ourselves! Kids bring us great delight […]

Corbin the Architect

You know the saying “Like father, like son”, well I believe Corbin is following in his fathers footsteps. has been impressing us with his architectural skills. has been building some impressive towers out of his blocks lately. He wants to use all the blocks in the bucket.

Prayer Request

My friend Veronica emailed a prayer request and wanted to pass it on. More prayers the better! Hey everyone! I have a major prayer request. My friend Lori is a pastor’s wife and an adoptive mother. Her adopted son’s future is up in the air right now. His birth father is fighting to get him […]