Birthday Wishes Come True

This year if you signed up on Disney’s website, they gave you a free ticket on your birthday. I know, how cool is that! I was unfortunately unable to use my ticket because I was a wedding photographer for the day (not really bummed), but Luke’s birthday is a week prior to mine so we were able to use his and just pay for one ticket. It was a great way to celebrate both our birthdays.

We had planned everything out quite well. We dropped off Corbin at Nana and Papas Saturday night. Sunday (Luke’s birthday) morning we woke up, quickly got dressed and headed out the door by 6am. We picked up some bottled water and decaf coffee for me at Vons and off we went on our adventure. The drive was smooth with no congestion at all. Yea! We managed to arrived at Disneyland by 8am even with an addition stop at Carls Jr. for breakfast. I love hash browns!

The day was great! We ran around for about 2 hours without any lines at all. We first went to the Haunted Mansion because we love it. I wish they’d keep the Nightmare Before Christmas theme all year round. Then we made our way to the Pirates of the Caribbean and Buzz Light Year. So much fun! The best part was having quality time with my hubby. There were a good handful of rides I couldn’t go on because I’m pregnant, but that didn’t stop us from having fun. No way! To end the night we watched the Christmas Parade while sipping hot cocoa and eating a cinnamon roll and then went on the Haunted Mansion one more time before leaving for home. Oh, and my parents totally blessed us because my mom called and said we could leave Corbin overnight and didn’t have to worry about picking him up on our way home (would have added an additional hour to our commute). I love my parents!

22 Weeks and Counting

I have been so behind on updating about baby #2. Here are some pictures that my mom took of me the other day. I wish they were a little better, but at least I have a record of what I looked like half way through my pregnancy.

Everything so far is going very well with my pregnancy. I started really feeling flutters/kicks a few weeks ago and I’m “showing” as you can see from the photos. This is the fun part. I just wish I didn’t have to keep pulling up my pregnancy pants. Such a pain!

Moreland Family Photos


This morning the Moreland’s and I headed downtown to take their family photos. For the past three years they chose the most random photos of their kids to grace the cover of their Christmas card and this year they decided to try taking a family photo. I’d love to say the kids were angels and smiled the whole time and were delighted to pose with mom and dad rather than climb and run, but that just wasn’t the case. Not to say we didn’t have fun because we totally did. Just means we had to act fast and be more spontaneous because their attention spans were quite short today. All in all I think we had fun and came up with maybe not the most perfect family photo where everyone is looking right at the camera with the perfect smile, but ones that reflect their spunky personalities. Enjoy!

Old Poway Park

Today I took Corbin to Old Poway Park located in the heart of Poway, California. It was a first for the both of us and we had a great time exploring the park, the bridges, trains, fountain, and the stream that flowed through the park. We pretty much had the place to ourselves. Yea! It’s also a great location to take photos. I’ve been told that the weekend can get quite busy since it’s the only time the trains run and there is a farmers market right next door on Saturday mornings, so if you want to have a little peace and quiet or take photos without dodging other people, the weekdays are probably a better bet.