Luke passed the LEED!


Luke took the LEED exam today and passed. I am so proud of my hubby. Thank you, God!

If you are wondering what the LEED exam is for, here’s a small part of what the website has to say:

LEED certification provides independent, third-party verification that a building project meets the highest green building and performance measures. Sustainable building strategies should be considered early in the development cycle. An integrated project team will include the major stakeholders of the project such as the developer/owner, architect, engineer, landscape architect, contractor, and asset and property management staff. Implementing an integrated, systems-oriented approach to green project design, development and operations can yield synergies and improve the overall performance of a building. Initial LEED assessment will bring the project team together to evaluate and articulate the project’s goals and the certification level sought.

There are both environmental and financial benefits to earning LEED certification.

LEED-certified buildings are designed to:

* Lower operating costs and increase asset value.
* Reduce waste sent to landfills.
* Conserve energy and water.
* Be healthier and safer for occupants.
* Reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions.
* Qualify for tax rebates, zoning allowances and other incentives in hundreds of cities.
* Demonstrate an owner’s commitment to environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

18 Months Old

Corbin is 5 days away from being 19 months old. Amazing! He is so full of life and brings such joy to our family.

We started out the month by taking Corbin on his first plane ride to Minnesota to visit the Iverson/Hassenstab family. We had a wonderful 10 days and wished we had more time. Corbin did amazing on both flights and we are so grateful to have had a pleasant travelling experience with our toddler. I highly recommend a portable dvd player when flying with a toddler. It kept Corbin entertained for hours. Since we’ve been back we celebrated my niece’s 6th birthday (Paige) and Luke’s 2nd Father’s Day.

Corbin is now into animals and points to them at the Zoo, on TV, in books…all over. He also loves to climb the play structures at the playground and can go down the slide all by himself. He’s such a big boy! He knows about 30-40 words and can make the sounds for horse, cow, sheep, lion, and dog. I am really loving this new stage! If your curious as to what words he knows, here’s a little list I’ve put together: rock, chicken, bird, hippo, park, outside, no, ball, dog, bite, seat, book, bear, apple, mama, dada, banana, cat, whale, bye-bye, milk, duck, blue, purple, red, and green. I’m sure I’m forgetting some and there are lots of words that are meant to mean something, but just don’t sounds quite right yet (“bla” = block, “nye nye” = nap time/bedtime, and “b” = blanket). Corbin latest stats are: Weight = 27 lbs and Height = 35 1/4″.

First Plane Ride

We woke up bright and early on June 4th to make our way to the airport. Unfortunately we didn’t have quite the results we were expecting in more ways than one. First, we missed our 8:30am flight by a few minutes. Second, the next available plane wasn’t boarding till 11:30am. Third, no nap could possibly mean a horrible flight for him, for us, and all around us.

This was our first flight with Corbin and I was literally in tears. I knew we could handle the delay and I was so thankful to not be dealing with this on my own, but I would never pick a noon flight for a toddler. It’s just not what you do, but we had no other choice. I hoped that if we could run him around for the three hours he would crash and sleep on the plane. NOT! He fell asleep 20 minutes before the plane boarded and as soon as we boarded he was up and didn’t go back to sleep. Even with all the odds against us, a miracle happened. Corbin was amazing! He played quietly, ate his snacks, and watched a few dvd’s on the portable dvd player. Thank you Jesus! Even the people around us were commenting afterward about how awesome he did. Phew!

The time in Minnesota was precious because we spent much of our time with family that we haven’t seen since our wedding. Seeing my grandma and grandpa was especially sweet, but sad at the same time. I loved that they were able to meet Corbin, but it was hard not knowing if my grandma who deals with Alzheimer and schizophrenia, could recognized me. All we could do was love on her, share stories, and photos that may trigger her memory. I love my aunt and uncle too. They were so hospitable. They really blessed us by letting us stay with them and took the time to show us a little bit of Minnesota. I also loved that my cousins were home for the summer and even though it was a busy time for them, they still spent time with us. So sweet!