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How They’ve Grown

This week has been all about reuniting with old friends. Monday I had lunch with some friends I knew from my old church, MVCF. We had a wonderful lunch at Casa De Pico in La Mesa. Yum! Then on Friday, I reunited with Sirena McKinley and her three girls, Corinne, Ava, & Bella. They moved […]

Photos of Ethne Laine Peterson

Today, Corbin and I ventured over to the Peterson’s to take pictures of 1 month old, Ethne Laine Peterson…as well as the rest of the gang. We took our time and had fun day. Ethne is such a sweetie! I just want to squeeze her!

Playing with trains

Corbin and I browsed Barnes and Noble Monday afternoon and when we entered the children’s area where the train table and trains were, Corbin was immediately drawn to it. He played at the table for a good 20 minutes. It didn’t take him long to figure out how to get the trains through the tunnels […]

Moreland Kiddos

A day with the Moreland kids

Goodreads is a great place for book lovers or amateur book readers to gather and discuss books, write reviews, add books you’ve read, want to read, and compare them with friends. I got hooked on the site because of the book club I joined a few months back. It’s great because I can see what […]

Corbin Sings

We have found that Corbin has quite the fondness for keyboards and pianos. Yesterday, we were browsing Target and ended up in the toy aisle. Not too surprising since we have a child, but what we were surprised at was how taken Corbin was with one particular toy. We were so impressed by his “skills”, […]

My new favorite shoes

I few weeks ago I found my new favorite shoes. I wasn’t looking for them, but as I browsed through the isles of TJ Maxx I happened to find an orange and white checkered flat in the corner of my eye. There were none like her on the shelves beside her and the size was […]