14 months old

Corbin is 14 months old. He loves being outside, cruises everywhere, loves climbing the stairs, and recently started experiencing some separation anxiety and throwing mini fits when he doesn’t get his way…good times. Yup, he’s definitely a toddler. Before we know it he’ll be walking and running all over the place. His new game is “catch me if you can”. He crawls and looks back to see if we are looking. If we even look at him or move in his direction he starts laughing and quickly crawls farther away. It’s really cute. Corbin also had his first ear infection this past month. He wasn’t a very happy camper, but recovered quickly once he received the antibiotics.

Oh, I love my little guy. He is so fun and I have the best job of all. I get to sing, play and hang out with an amazing kid all day. What’s not to love!?!



My Sunday started with my husband waking me to tell me that he received a call from my mom and he had some bad news to share. My grandma’s husband, Richard Davis, had a severe heart attack and passed away. For the rest of the day I was in a funk. His death felt surreal and I just didn’t know how to process it. I have only been to three funerals and they all were in the last year. It was also hard because my family is relatively young and I haven’t really been exposed to death, at least anyone close to me. The other difficult realism was that my grandma was married to her soul mate for as long as Luke and I have been married, four years, and in an instant he was gone.

Monday night Corbin and I headed out to Yuma, Arizona to be with my grandma and mom. I wanted to be a support and do whatever I could for them, however, I had no idea that when you have a 14 month old with you, most of your ideas go out the window. Corbin was more demanding than I expected and we spent most of our days in my parents trailer. We would have spent more time with my grandma but she smokes and I didn’t want to aggravate Corbin’s cough, so our time with her was sporadic to say the least. Plus, she has four dogs that aren’t kid friendly and I had to watch him like a hawk. The other home that Richard’s daughters were staying at was also a hazard because they had a pond that Corbin was drawn to and would throw fits if he couldn’t play in it. What can I say, my kid loves water. Too bad he doesn’t have any balance and doesn’t know how to swim. Ultimately though, my grandma knows I was there to support her.

Thursday was the funeral. My dad, brother, aunt, uncle and cousin came out to join us and we were on the road by noon. We arrived at the funeral home by 1pm. When we walked in we were greeted by photo collages of Richard throughout his life. I had only known him as the old, gray haired, grandpa type and it was amazing to see his early years as a police officer, his time in the air force, and his three girls. I’ve been so blessed to have known him for the last eight years and am so grateful for the love he has showed my grandma. He has allowed my grandma to love again after a heartbreaking previous marriage to the grandpa I knew growing up. Thank you, God! Getting back to the funeral…I had heard it was going to be a military funeral, but had no idea what that meant. It was moving. During the service they presented a flag to my grandma and had a gun salute and retired police officers held American flags along the walkway as we exited the funeral home. It was beautiful and patriotic. I know Richard would have been so proud. The same retired policemen escorted us back to the river where we took a boat ride to scatter the ashes. It was a very emotional time for all. Afterward, everyone gathered for a reception at Fisher’s Landing restaurant.

Richard, loved helping others, feared God, was a manly man, but also a soft and kind man, he loved my grandma, he loved his children, he helped with the Toys for Tots every year, he loved building things, he loved collecting guns (old and new), he loved westerns, he loved his country.

We will miss you!