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And now there were eight

After a few days of Corbin not being quite himself, I realized that he has two new bottom teeth. No wonder he was crabby, refused to eat on occasion, and woke up at 1am last night. Poor little fella. Thank goodness we don’t remember those things when we get older. Here are some funny photos […]

Mark Twain HS

Kaleo Church has moved! For three years Kaleo has been meeting at Mission Valley AMC theater. The theater met our needs, but it was time to move on. We had been praying for a new building where we could have proper classrooms for the children as well as a place where people could congregate before […]

John 1

I started attending a women’s bible study and we are going through the book of John. We have only met twice and am already excited to study and learn. John 1:1-18 The Deity of Jesus Christ In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was […]

Corbin and the walker

Corbin works on his walking skills with a little help from grandma’s walker.

The 5 Love Languages

The New Year is all about making new resolutions. Mine is to make sure my priorities are in order. One thing I’ve learned is that it’s always a good idea to evaluate the past year and then see what changes need to be made so that your life continues to run on the right path. […]


Where did December go? I guess that’s what happens when you have so much going on…it passes by before you know it. Corbin started off the month by celebrated his first birthday on December 2nd. He’s now crawling, cruising, babbling constantly, pointing at objects and starting to look and act more like a toddler every […]