Corbin’s 1st Birthday Party

On Saturday we celebrated Corbin’s 1st birthday with some friends and family at the Aztec Park in La Mesa. It was kind of a last minute decision to have his party early, but I think it was a good choice. My biggest concern was whether or not the weather would cooperate and it ended up being a beautiful day.

Watching Corbin play with all his friends, Mordecai, Noah, Elliott and Quintin was so adorable. They are all a couple weeks &/or a few months apart and they are all at different development stages. Oh, and talking about development stages, Corbin started to get the itch to start moving around. He almost crawled and started waving at people at his party. We were all excited about his new skills and tried to motivate him to continue to show them off. We all knew he’d surprise us, I just didn’t know he’d do so much in a weeks time.

Cake time was uneventful. I imagined he’d grab the cupcake and cram it into his mouth once he got a taste of the frosting, but that was just not the case. He could really care less. He would have thrown it on the ground if I wasn’t right next to him and keeping an eye on it. At least he took one bite for picture sake.

Corbin is 11 months old

Corbin: energetic, funny, loving, curious, laughs and smiles constantly, makes friends easily, easy going, loves riding in the stroller and taking in the scenery, ridiculously picky about the consistency of his food, claps his hands, has five teeth, gets frustrated when he rolls onto his tummy, and the camera love him.

There are so many other fun things about Corbin that we love. He is truly a joy to be around.

Halloween 2008

This year we were able to enjoy Halloween a little more now that we have Corbin in our lives. I guess there is something about dressing up your child in cute costumes that brings a new excitement to an event. This year Corbin was a dalmatian as well as a ninja. I know…why two costumes??? Well, Luke’s work goes all out for Halloween and they decided to recreate the 101 dalmatians and Corbin and I were able to dress up in dalmatian costumes and participate. They won 1st place by the way. Go team! The ninja costume was a great find back in September when we were browsing through Old Navy. The price was right and the costume was adorable…we couldn’t resist.

We went over to my brother’s for Halloween as we have the last few years. Even though we didn’t have kids in past years, it was still fun to walk around with my nieces as they got their trick or treat on. This year was Corbin’s first year to join the girls and surprisingly he did great even after staying up two hours past his normal bedtime. The girls looked after Corbin and made sure he got some candy too. He doesn’t get to eat any of it, but he doesn’t know any better. He just liked all the attention he got.