Santee Lakes

On Saturday we went to Santee Lakes to get some fresh air and just relax. We lounged on our blanket and later took a stroll up the lake to a small playground where we introduced Corbin to a swing. He loved it. He was all smiles and giggles. Afterward we walked across the way toward the water and grabbed our bread and sat down to watch and feed the ducks. Corbin also thought this was fun and enjoyed watching the ducks eat the small pieces of bread we threw their way.

Big Rock Park

On occasion I watch Stasi for the day. She’s 2 1/2 years old. Each time I watch her I try to come up with things to do to pass the day. Last time we tried a playgroup. I think she was overwhelmed because there were so many moms and kids around. She pretty much stayed to herself and played quietly. This time we met up with Kathleen at Big Rock Park in Santee. Kathleen is mutual friend’s of Stasi’s parents and has two boys of her own. Ethan is almost 3 and Quintin is 5 or 6 months. You could tell Stasi was much more comfortable in this setting. She had a blast playing on the playground, swinging and climbing on rocks. Corbin and Quintin also had fun. They spend their time eating, soaking up the sun, playing with grass and leaves as well as the toy lunchbox filled with fake food.

Preaching the Gospel to Yourself

Kaleo Church

Preaching the gospel to yourself and to others is an art that all of us must grow in if we seek to see real and lasting change in our lives. It is often assumed the gospel is only for those who have not yet trusted Christ. As we know, this is a faulty view of the gospel and limits its work to a personal salvation experience rather than the explosive power and catalytic dynamic for renewal in our hearts on a continuous basis. To sum up, the life of the Christian is one of continual repentance and belief, without which we slip into a boss/employee, earn/wage, work/rights relationship with our God.

It then becomes the loving responsibility for each of us to run gospel diagnostics to determine whether or not what motivates our actions is “in step” with the gospel (Gal. 2:14).

Here are some gospel questions to ask ourselves:

1) What is my greatest nightmare? What do I worry about most?
2) What, if I failed or lost it, would cause me to feel that I did not even want to live? What keeps me going?
3) What do I rely on or comfort myself with when things go bad or get difficult?
4) What do I think most easily about? Where does my mind go to when I am free? What pre-occupies me?
5) What prayer, unanswered, would make me seriously think about turning away from God?
6) What makes me feel most self-worth? What am I the proudest of?
7) What do I really want and expect out of life? What would really make me happy?

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Happy Birthday Terra!

My niece celebrated her 8th birthday on Sunday with a princess pool party. Four of her friends came over and played in the pool, played games, painted, ate lunch, opened presents and had cake. It was a warm day, but a fun one.

I’ve noticed the older she gets, the more her parties are focused on her friends rather than family, but that’s okay. I still give her a big hug and tell her I love her no matter if her friends can see or not.

I love watching Terra transform into the lady she will become. She is sassy, smart, creative, energetic, sarcastic, loving and shy. She reminds me a lot of myself.

Mission Beach

Friday we met some friends of ours at Belmont Park in the afternoon. We had lunch, walked and people watched and then grabbed our sand toys and headed out to the beach. Mission Beach is usually crowded, but since school was now back in session we had much of the beach to ourselves. The weather was warm with a few clouds. Perfect for a beach day. Our feet played in the waves, the kids played in the sand and made great attempts to make sand castles, we laughed, took lots of pictures and enjoyed our day.

Dead Like Me

Dead Like Me is a TV series that my husband and I just started getting into and like it A LOT. It’s twisted, weird, funny, sarcastic and my husband would say, “the series is a blend of Arrested Development and The Office”. I paraphrased, just so you know. Anyway, it’s good and you might get addicted if you start.

9 months old

Corbin is 9 months old. Another month closer to a year which means the holidays are right around the corner as well. Yikes! So, what happened this past month? Well, it’s kind of all a blur, but I’ll try to remember. Hum… Mostly I’d say it was full of play. That’s what August is all about and Corbin loves the outdoors and people/kids, so why not. We played at friends houses, got sandy at Ocean Beach, had an adventure painting Corbin’s feet and trying to get them flat on a plate (haha) so that we could remember how small his feet once were, had a picnic at Balboa Park with friends, visited the Shiras/Divine family for a weekend and of course, Sea World. Now that Corbin is getting older and more curious about the world around him and noticing things like animals and such, we’ve been having more and more fun exploring. His laughter and smiles are also contagious and we are constantly amazed at how content and laid back he is. He’s so laid back in fact that he still has no motivation in crawling, scooting or pulling himself up. He’d rather drag his blanket closer so that the toys come to him or have mom and dad move him around. Sneaky and cleaver! Corbin is also sporting a total of four teeth now. Go Corbin!