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Etsy what?

From time to time I’d hear the word “Etsy” and I had no clue what they were saying or what it was. Recently, I inquired about it and found out it’s a website where people can sell homemade items like jewelry, cards, bags, dolls, clothes, etc. It’s pretty cool. I have never been a jewelry […]

Hangin’ with the Moreland kids

Luke and I love hanging out with our friends, Scott and Kendall, and their kids too. Maia, the oldest, LOVES Luke and has since she was a toddler. Scott and Luke work at the same company and sometimes Kendall brings the kids to visit Scott, but as soon as Maia sees Luke she screams “LUKE” […]

Sea World

Sea World is a fun place where kids can play and play and play. On this particular day we didn’t even leave the Bay of Play.

One Anothering

Kaleo Community Covenant Because of Christ’s great love and commitment to me, I covenant to love His bride and to show the same commitment to one another in His church. I promise to be members of one another, to honor one another, to live in harmony with one another, to build one another up, to […]

What is love

Kaleo Church Sermon What loving is not Loving is not only sex Loving is not getting only what you want Loving is not winning an argument Loving is not giving in to her ungodly desires Loving is not lording over her Loving is not speaking negatively about her to friends Loving is not comparing her […]

7 months old…and some

I have been home with my son for over 7 months now and loving every minute of it. Luke is a very busy man and takes his last final exam for his architecture license on the 21st of July in San Francisco. Corbin continues to grow by leaps and bounds. He had his 6 month […]

Beach Day

Today was Noah Guillermo’s 1st birthday. Yippy! Location: Coronado Beach Food: Mini Burgers on hawaiian bread rolls, hot dogs, and watermelon Activities: Playing in the sand and ocean waves, building sand castles, blowing bubbles Time: Whose keeping track? What a fun day we had. I can’t remember the last time we spent the day at […]