Etsy what?

From time to time I’d hear the word “Etsy” and I had no clue what they were saying or what it was. Recently, I inquired about it and found out it’s a website where people can sell homemade items like jewelry, cards, bags, dolls, clothes, etc. It’s pretty cool. I have never been a jewelry buff, but I think that’s because I like unique pieces rather than the usual stuff you find in the mega stores and Etsy has a huge selection of unique jewelry for great prices. Check it out!

Hangin’ with the Moreland kids

Luke and I love hanging out with our friends, Scott and Kendall, and their kids too. Maia, the oldest, LOVES Luke and has since she was a toddler. Scott and Luke work at the same company and sometimes Kendall brings the kids to visit Scott, but as soon as Maia sees Luke she screams “LUKE” and runs to him. She does the same thing when we go to their house…it’s pretty funny. Recently though, I was surprised to hear Maia say to me “your the best babysitter ever!”. When I came home I immediately told Luke that he now has some competition because I’m the best babysitter EVER! I love it!

One Anothering

Kaleo Community Covenant

Because of Christ’s great love and commitment to me, I covenant to love His bride and to show the same commitment to one another in His church.

I promise to be members of one another, to honor one another, to live in harmony with one another, to build one another up, to be like-minded toward one another, to accept one another, to care for one another, to serve one another, to bear one another’s burdens, to be kind to one another, to forgive one another, to abound in love, to comfort one another, to encourage one another, to stir one another up to love and good deeds, to confess my sins to one another, to be hospitable to one another, to greet one another, to fellowship with one another, to submit to one another while not passing judgment on one another, not provoking one another, not envying one another, not to hate one another, not to slander one another, and not to bear grudges against one another.

I do all this because Christ has loved me in each of these ways and this frees my heart to love one another as Christ has loved me (John 13:34).

What is love

Kaleo Church Sermon

What loving is not

Loving is not only sex

Loving is not getting only what you want

Loving is not winning an argument

Loving is not giving in to her ungodly desires

Loving is not lording over her

Loving is not speaking negatively about her to friends

Loving is not comparing her to other women

What loving is

Loving is giving yourself in all ways to her that honors Christ

Loving is gentle

Loving is kind

Loving is forgiving

Loving is not rude

Loving is peaceful

Loving is forgetting wrongs

Loving is seeing her difference as a blessing and not a curse

Loving is seeking to best understand and model the gospel

Loving is wanting to provide and protect her

Loving is wanting to spend time with her, not under guilt or compulsion

Loving is delighting in and desiring your wife

If men and women who are married spent time cultivating their love for God and submission to Christ’s Lordship, they would find themselves less in distress over submission and sacrificial love. When a woman love’s Christ above her husband, she is able to submit freely and willingly to Jesus first, which then empowers her to submit freely and willingly to her husband whom her Father in heaven has blessed her with. If a man loves Christ first, he is then able to receive the love only Christ can give. This then empowers and frees him to live in response to this amazing love and thus share it in abundance with the wife of his youth whom his Father in Heaven has bless him with.

It is only through the gospel of grace that we are able to possess and exercise these two great relational virtues. It is only through Christ’s submission and his faithfulness in love that we are able to submit and love as we ought.

7 months old…and some

I have been home with my son for over 7 months now and loving every minute of it. Luke is a very busy man and takes his last final exam for his architecture license on the 21st of July in San Francisco. Corbin continues to grow by leaps and bounds. He had his 6 month appointment on June 6th and weighed in at 21 pounds 10 ounces and 29 1/2 inches long. A month and a half later and I swear he’s gained another five pounds as well as 2 inches to his length. I’m most likely over exaggerating, but there is no doubt that he’s a healthy and heavy baby boy. Luke and I love our son so much and enjoy introducing Corbin to the world around us. He loves being outdoors, so we take him for walks around the lake near our home, the Zoo, Sea World and our most recent trip to the San Diego Fair. I think next year he’ll enjoy it so much more. Corbin is also at the stage where he loves grabbing onto things (hair, toys, magazines, etc) and still smiles at everyone. He is quite the social guy. He’s also teething and has his two bottom teeth now. He’s been handling the discomfort like a champ. Those Hyland teething tablets are awesome! Corbin has also been discovering the joys of eating solid foods. He loves carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, green beans and applesauce. Pears and peas…not so much. He’s also mastering the ability to sit up without support even though he falls sometimes and forgets to brace himself. It usually ends in crying…lots of crying…with real tears. It breaks my heart every time. Rolling, crawling and walking are soon to come. I don’t know if I’m ready for that. As for me, I’ve been very domestic lately. I started a small garden on our very small balcony, I started making my own baby food for Corbin, I also sew nursing covers for friends when I have time and make cards. I’m enjoying myself. Oh, and I’m also part of the women leaders at my church and I help coordinate the women’s breakfasts as well as the annual women’s retreat. It’s a busy season for our family, but we are also taking the time to cherish and enjoy it.

Beach Day

Today was Noah Guillermo’s 1st birthday. Yippy!

Location: Coronado Beach
Food: Mini Burgers on hawaiian bread rolls, hot dogs, and watermelon
Activities: Playing in the sand and ocean waves, building sand castles, blowing bubbles
Time: Whose keeping track?

What a fun day we had. I can’t remember the last time we spent the day at the beach and getting completely sandy from head to toe. This was also Corbin’s first beach adventure. He had a blast! He loved the ocean waves, the sand and especially the inflatable pool. He loved splashing around and kicking…lots of kicking. Noah also had a great time. Neither of them had a nap and didn’t want to. They just kept on playing and were loving every minute of it. One of the funniest parts was Noah eating his “pure sugar” birthday cake. He didn’t waste anytime packing as much cake into his cheeks as he possibly could. It was pure entertainment.