A fun day

Today I spent the day with my friend Joy and her son Mordecai. We’ve been talking about taking pictures of her son for ages and we finally did it. We had so much fun! He’s 7 months going on 8. Joy and I always laugh at how much bigger my son is compared to hers. Corbin is 6 months going on 7. We know all babies are different, but it’s just something between us.

Britax Car Seat and Stroller sale

Starting today through June 28, Amazon.com/baby is offering 10% off Britax car seats and strollers.

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About Britax products:

Britax designs and manufactures a complete line of child seats, including:

* Rear-facing infant child seats for use with children who are at least one year of age and weigh up to 22 pounds and range in height up to 30 inches.
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* Booster seats for use with children who range in height from 38 to 60 inches and weighing up to 100 pounds.

While the safety and quality of our child seats are of paramount importance to parents and caregivers, we also recognize that these individuals value and appreciate the flair for style reflected in the design of all Britax products, as well as the convenience of the high-quality, easy-to-clean Microfibres® fabrics used in our seat covers.


Corbin and I are staying at my parent’s house this week while the Nuflow company takes over my home. They are lining the pipes all week which means the doors will be open, the noisy will be intollerable and there will be people in my house throughout the day. Not a pleasant place for my son to play and sleep, so we opted to stay with my parents. Luke is staying at home since Nuflow is done and packed up by time he gets home.

My parents rock! Staying in one place has made this inconvenience a blessing in disguise. Everything is in one place and I don’t have to plan out what I am going to do to keep us busy all day. To show my gratitude I have been doing anything I can to show my appreciation. I have made meals, dusted, dishes…whatever. I love them so much and I am so blessed to have family close that want us to stay with them.

Yesterday was my first day back home in three days. I found two holes, one in our bedroom and one in our master bathroom. Nuflow will patch them, but we have to paint. The question is…what color and brand of paint did we use three and a half years ago? Hummm…

That same evening Luke and I attended our weekly missional community group (bible study). Corbin stayed with grandma and grandpa. Being able to stay after and fellowship was a real treat. I quickly forget how different things are with a baby in our lives. Not in a bad way, just different.

It’s now 4pm on Thursday and we have one day to go and tomorrow Corbin and I will be reunited with our husband/daddy. Yea! I think we may even go to Sea World tomorrow afternoon. It will be a scortcher, but it will be nice to do something as a family.

Till next time

Bitter Sweet

Luke and I arrived back in San Diego from our trip to Seattle on Monday, June 2nd. We had a great time. The trip was over before we knew it, but that’s just how these trips go.

Our plane arrived at the Seattle airport about 20 minutes early on Friday, which ended up being a huge blessing because we knew we’d hit five o’clock rush hour plus we had no idea where we were going. We had previously printed out Google maps of all the places we were going, but we missed the one for the rehearsal dinner. While we were stuck going five miles an hour in heavy traffic, surrounded by construction, I called the bride-to-be in hopes she’d pick up and give us directions. I left a message. Needing to make a quick decision we decided to go off the wedding venue directions because the rehearsal dinner was supposedly close by. That would have a been great and all, but we didn’t anticipate missing the freeway exit and ended up way north-east of were we needed to be. Oops! Thankfully we picked up a few maps at the airport and were able to make a detour that ended up being faster than backtracking. By the time the bride called us back we were halfway between the 405 and 5. When we arrived, we found front row parking and the wedding party had just ordered. Perfect! Seeing Heather and meeting her soon to be husband Wally before the big day was great. Everyone was happy and talkative and the food was good too.