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A Church Gives The Gift Of Gas

A church in Georgia is trying a new approach to get people in the door. They are giving away two $500 gas cards to newcomers or members. All they have to do is attend church events. My first thought was “WOW, that’s cool!”, but now I’m not sure how I feel about this. You want […]

75 Skills Every Man Should Master

As I was skimming the NBC website this morning, I ran across a segment titled “75 skills every man should master”. I started looking around for the actual list because it caught my attention and found it on Esquire. Tom Chairella wrote the article and I’m not sure how he acquired this list, but he […]

Oh what fun!

My husband bought me a new point and shoot Nikon camera for Mother’s Day. Yeah! My old one is awesome, however, it’s 4 years old and is already considered “outdated”. The resolution is not very good, the screen on the back is about the size of a nickel and it’s much thicker than the new […]

Making Lemonade

I love lemonade. Not all the time, but when you need something to make your lips pucker and leaves a sweet taste on your tongue, lemonade is the answer. My sister in law’s mom has a few lemon trees that are in full bloom and I was able to go over and pick bag fulls […]

Mother’s Day

My mom took a few photos of Corbin and I for my first Mother’s Day. Here they are:

Food Facts

Learning what your actually consuming can sometimes be quite disturbing. I will admit that I would prefer to be oblivious to food facts, but when I get a glimpse of what the actual fat grams, calories & or sodium content is in what I am about to consume my eyes typically bulge out. Is there […]

Pictures of Corbin

Some fun new pictures of Corbin – enjoy

5 months old

My son is 5 months old today (May 2nd) and to celebrate his daddy installed his new Britax convertible car seat as well as added the tray attachment to his stroller. It’s hard to believe he’s already outgrown his infant seat, but it’s true. Corbin continues to crack us up with his belly laughs and […]