Getting back to Seattle


Luke and I are trying to get back to Seattle for a friends wedding at the end of May, but we don’t know if it will happen. Gas prices have sored which means plane tickets have also sored. We are looking at about $450-500.00 for the two of us and that’s just airfare. Yikes! It’s possible that we might be able to stay with some people the bride-to-be knows, but that’s all up in the air. The other thing is that my mom has already agreed to watch Corbin for the weekend, so we don’t have to worry about traveling with a 6 month old if we choose to go. The question is, do we shut up about it and put it on the credit card or do we tell our friend we can’t make it and lose out on a weekend alone in Seattle?

A day gone unexpectedly


What a jumbled up day. The plan was to go to the Zoo and arrive by 9am, but I ended up babysitting. Everyone I had originally planned on going to the Zoo with either got sick or had a change of plans and I didn’t find out till the night before or the morning of, so I thought I’d try to kidnap my friend Angie who was house sitting up in Carmel Mountain and take her with me. That didn’t go as well as I imagined in my mind. She accidentally turned her phone off instead of the alarm (that’s what she told me later that day). So much for my attempt at being spontaneous. While I was waiting for Angie to call back, my friend Hope called and asked if I could do her the biggest favor and watch Heather’s kids so she could help her with her tile floor. I accepted because I knew by then Angie wasn’t going to call me back and I was already out and about. The good thing is that I was ready to be gone for the day and had plenty of food, bottles, water, clothes, toys and the pack and play. We were set! We headed down the 163 and made good time. When I arrived Heather walked me through the routine and took off. Her kids were awesome and are for the most part self sufficient. They ate lunch and played outside…so easy! Corbin enjoyed sitting outside and watching the boys play. He just starred and laughed. After about an hour Heather returned and said after all that she couldn’t help Hope out after all. What!?! She could only cut tile, not marble…BUMMER! Thankfully Heather is super resourceful and got on her phone and started calling around to find someone who could help Hope out. I love her for that. Anyways…I left soon after and went home. What a day…not what I thought it was going to be, but nonetheless it was nice to be outside.

Corbin’s First Easter


Today Corbin celebrated his first Easter (3 months 3 weeks old). We spent the day with my family. They get together every year for lunch and my nieces have several egg hunts (Uncle Ed gets to hide them over and over and over again) throughout the day. Don’t worry, the eggs are plastic. This year Corbin was unable to participate, but those girls better watch out next year. Corbin will definitely be walking by then, if not running and I know he’ll want to play too.


A great day


We were invited to join some people at Mission Bay today and I’m so glad we went. It was an absolutely beautiful day at the bay…75 degrees with a light breeze. Awesome! Corbin also loved being outside. He didn’t nap well, but who could blame him. There was so much to see and the weather was fantastic. We spent the day lounging, playing volleyball, eating burgers and chips and soaking up the sun. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else on such a beautiful day in San Diego. We are truly blessed to live in a sunny place all year round.

Godless American


I was running an errand this morning and as I was driving I couldn’t help but notice the truck in front of me. The bumper stickers said things like “Taking Drugs are Bad, The Drug War is Worse” and “PFLAG”, as well as having a Darwin fish with legs, and the big one was his license plate holder that said “Godless American”. My first reaction was “Wow, that’s bold” and then I got sad. Just the idea of being a Godless American cut me deep in the heart. It makes me wonder what had happened to this older gentleman lifetime that would make him so bold to denounce God’s existence and to reject him in a way where if he was looking God in the face he would be giving him the bird. I prayed for that gentleman because I know one day every knee will bow and I hope at that time he will know the real gospel.

An Invitation


I received an invitation today and I wanted to extend that invitation to anyone who may read my blog. Read the invitation below and maybe I’ll see you this Sunday.

Of all the world religions, only one dares to claim that its founder rose from the dead. This truth of the Christian faith is so important that if it didn’t actually happen in time and space, the Apostle Paul says we should be pitied, give up our faith and live only for today because there’s nothing more than what we see. However, if it is true and we dismiss this event as inconsequential, a fate far worse than being pitied is before us all.

Can we take such a claim seriously in a time when we believe all history is suspect and anything unfamiliar must be a myth? Everyone has an opinion about the resurrection of Jesus Christ and most of them are informed by cultural bias rather than thoughtful insight. How do we sift through opinion and fact? What about all the objections from experts in religious studies? What proof is there to positively show the resurrection is a historical fact and not mere wish fulfillment? What difference does it really make anyway? These are the types of questions we’re going to consider this Sunday as we come to celebrate with our hearts and minds the most astounding event in human history.

We invite you to explore the resurrection with us as we consider The Proof and Truth of the Resurrection this Sunday morning at Kaleo Church. This will be a great time to invite friends, relatives, co-workers, and neighbors who want to celebrate with you or who have questions about the risen Jesus. See you then!

Service Location:
Kaleo Church Mission Valley Sunday service is in the AMC Theater at Mission Valley Shopping Mall. The service begins at 10:30am

Come join us as we desire to change this city, with the gospel for God’s glory!


Kaleo Church

Easter Humor

Sunday is Easter, so even though I’ve used this comic before, I couldn’t resist. It makes me laugh every time. On a more serious note…may your Easter be filled with Joy, gratitude, peace and understanding. Jesus is alive!


Feeling a little constipated


I heard from a few friends that Jarro-Dophilus is supposed to help babies when they get constipated. Well, this week I believe my son whose only 3 1/2 months old is having a hard time going #2, so I headed off to my local grocery store, Henry’s, in search of this product.

When I arrived at Henry’s I immediately asked an employee in the herbal aisle if she could assist me because I get lost easily and don’t even know where to begin. She brought me to the herbal refrigerated area and handed me a bottle of Baby’s Jarro-Dophilus by Jarrow Formulas. She said it was a great product and works wonders. It comes in a powder form that can be added to water, juice, infant formula or food. You only need to add 1/4 tsp. a day and it helps support baby’s intestinal health.

I’m hoping this will help relieve my sons discomfort and help regulate him so that he can continue to give me big smiles all day. Happy babies are much more pleasant to be around than grumpy constipated ones. hehe.

Have a great day!