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Welcome Wendy

Wendy is visiting us from Australia. She spent two weeks in Washington, a week in LA and is now finishing up her vacation in San Diego. Since both my husband and I have to work and she’s staying with us, we decided to recruit a few friends to keep her busy during the last part […]

Knowing dads voice

A couple weeks ago Luke brought home Children’s Illustrated Bible. He told me he wanted to start reading to our son so that when he was born he would know his voice. Every night since, Luke will read a couple stories from the children’s bible and we will pray. Thank you God for putting the […]

What is Fear

In America we have so many freedoms that others do not experience, so why do we bind ourselves with fear? Is some fear healthy? I don’t know for sure, but I do know from my experience that when I educate myself in the areas where I find myself afraid, I find understanding and peace. And […]

Exercising my gifts

Some people know that I enjoy photography. I haven’t been practicing like I should because I have been preoccupied with all that life has on my plate right now, but thankfully a friend of mine gave me a wonderful reason to exercise my gifting. She asked if I would be so kind as to take […]

I miss Seattle

P.S. I miss Seattle Last October my husband and I took this amazing trip to Seattle and as October is fast approaching I am reminded of that wonderful trip. The foliage was breathtaking, the bodies of water were glossy, the mountains were covered with clouds, the air was crisp, the mist of rain, the smell […]

What is a doula?

Until about a year ago, I had no idea what a doula was until my friend Kathleen told me she was going to interview a doula for her birth. The concept seemed so foreign to me at the time, but after hearing the benefits of what a doula would provide for her, I was intrigued. […]

La Leche League San Diego, California

A long time friend of mine, Crystal, invited me to attend a La Leche meeting last night. She told me how the group had benefited her greatly after the birth of her daughter and how she is now an active member. She also explained that the topic of the evening was breastfeeding. Since I am […]

Tummy Tattoos

My husband actually found this item on Perpetual Kid. “Touch My Tummy Tattoos” (see picture above) are temporary tattoos that can be applied to a pregnant women’s tummy to say such things as “please don’t touch my tummy” or “feel here.” I personally wouldn’t want to put temporary tattoos all over my tummy, but I’m […]

The Mini Safe Baby Handling Kit

My husband forwarded me a website yesterday by the name of Perpetual Kid. They have a ton of random gag gifts and novelty items to choose from. Most of them are something you would throw in your junk draw after a week, but some of them are actually memorable and funny…or maybe it’s just me. […]