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Abandoned But Precious

There are many ways you can serve in this world, but one in particular caught my interest. This ministry is called Abandoned But Precious. They not only reach out to the abandoned and needy children of India, they are doing much more. They are giving these children hope for a future by allowing them to […]


24 weeks 4 days Monday night was a special night. Luke was able to feel our son move for the first time. Previously our son would stop moving every time Luke would put his hands on my belly, but not this time. Just to make sure Luke wasn’t mistaking our sons kicks for something else […]

Psalms 23

A cute little girl recites Psalm 23 as only a little girl can.

What problem

I’ve been experiencing a problem with WordPress lately. It seems that any post that starts with the letter ‘W’ in the post slug returns a blank page when in single view. I’ve try different themes, deactivated plugins and optimized my database but no change. And when I say blank, I mean blank. Looking at page […]

We found our crib

It’s a Craig’s list miracle! After many attempts to find a crib that would best suit our needs, we finally found one. The Pali Lucy crib is made in Italy and is known for its high quality. The Baby Bargains Book gave the Pali cribs an A- rating, which was another reason we were attracted […]

Stretch Marks

Okay, I’m going out on a limb here by saying that there are two things most pregnant woman pray they never get. One is the dreaded stretch mark and second is varicose veins or better known as spider veins. Why? Because they are ugly, red and a permanent fixture on your body. In time, yes, […]

forgive my iniquity

Psalm 25 is one of many prayers David prayed to God. I am always amazed at how humble and honest he is when he prays to the Lord. He knows that all things come from God…his power, wealth, life, his ability to rule a kingdom… everything. His understanding gives him ultimate gratitude for all he […]

Top 10 Lies told to Naive Photographers, Artists and Designers

5342 Mark W. Lewis wrote a wonderful little article called Top 10 Lies told to Naive Photographers, Artists and Designers where he covers the top ten ways to give away your work when you should be getting paid big bucks. I’ve only listed the lies but he has some great commentary to help put things […]

The cutest bedding ever

Finding bedding can be just as difficult as picking out a name, or at least it seems that way to me. Anyway, my husband and I were walking through Baby USA about a month ago and we found the most adorable bedding ever. I was so excited and even more so when my husband agreed […]