14 months old

Corbin is 14 months old. He loves being outside, cruises everywhere, loves climbing the stairs, and recently started experiencing some separation anxiety and throwing mini fits when he doesn’t get his way…good times. Yup, he’s definitely a toddler. Before we know it he’ll be walking and running all over the place. His new game is “catch me if you can”. He crawls and looks back to see if we are looking. If we even look at him or move in his direction he starts laughing and quickly crawls farther away. It’s really cute. Corbin also had his first ear infection this past month. He wasn’t a very happy camper, but recovered quickly once he received the antibiotics.

Oh, I love my little guy. He is so fun and I have the best job of all. I get to sing, play and hang out with an amazing kid all day. What’s not to love!?!

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